Vision for Flint

Flint is changing into a great 21st Century city. With leaders like Dayne Walling who are working hard every day with others who are willing to work together, every family in Flint has a chance for a better tomorrow. New jobs, stronger neighborhoods, and public safety are all in Flint's future.

New jobs and development have come to Flint. Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy will hire more than a thousand new workers. Swedish Biogas International is creating jobs in the green economy. Building on the infrastructure of the expressways, railroads, and Bishop Airport, Flint is attracting smaller companies connected to the next generation economy. Vacant properties in all parts of the city are being redeveloped. And this is only the beginning of the transformation that can take place over the next decade with Mayor Walling's leadership.

The next great group of college campuses in Michigan is right here in Flint. As more and more people look for further education and training after high school, Flint has become the place where students find the training that is right for them. Mott Community College has record enrollment. The University of Michigan-Flint is the fastest growing public university in Michigan. Kettering University is ranked as one of the best engineering schools in the nation. Looking forward, the Campus Commons, from Mott Community College and UM-Flint to Kettering University, will be the beating heart of Flint by 2020. Dayne knows that getting to college requires excellent preschools, elementary schools, and high schools and he is working with educational leaders to that all children have opportunity.

Every great city is made up of great neighborhoods. More than 1,400 residents have engaged the neighborhood action process. With the millions of dollars of grant funds for neighborhood stabilization, blight elimination and community policing, Flint's neighborhoods are being made stronger and safer every day.

Dayne knows that people in Flint have the skills and the dedication, and he already knows the groups in Flint which have been working for many years to improve the city. When people work together, our children will be proud to call Flint their home. We will have good schools, good jobs, and good neighborhoods for all people and families. This is what it means to be a great city in the 21st Century.

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