5 tips to increase the sale of real estate on the internet

5 tips to increase the sale of real estate on the internet

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home. To distract themselves, they are using social networks and doing searches on search engines like Google. It may not seem like it, but this is a good time to invest in the sale of real estate on the internet.

Contrary to what many people imagine, digital strategies are not all the same. Therefore, our goal with this article is to help you reflect on what can be done to be able to sell properties over the internet correctly.

Let’s discover together what is most modern in digital marketing? Follow the 5 tips!

1. Selling real estate on the internet: use Facebook

Facebook is still the most used social network in the world. Unlike other networks, such as TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter, Facebook is very popular with adults.

This means that, through this platform, it is possible to communicate directly with people who have capital and interest in buying a property. But how?


The groups have been one of the great highlights of Facebook in their advertising campaigns. In these spaces, people can talk about common issues – among them, the purchase and sale of real estate.

For those who invest in the real estate market, groups are a powerful database. It is possible to capture real estate directly with the owners or to find out, first hand, about new developments in a neighborhood.

For those who want to succeed in selling real estate on the Internet, groups are a way to advertise a property for free on the Internet – albeit for an initially limited audience.

To be successful with this strategy, it is necessary to be careful with the language used, post beautiful photos of the property and make yourself available to take the doubts of those interested.


Advertising on Facebook can also be a good way to succeed with a property sale on the internet. The ad will appear on the user’s timeline so that he can interact with the message if he wants to.

The advantage of Facebook ads is that they use social media data to display advertising to users who have already shown an interest in this type of content, such as people who visit real estate websites, follow brokers, etc.

Again, you need to be careful when creating your ad. Good pictures and impeccable language are important for Internet user to feel secure in their advertising. The use of videos is also recommended. If you don’t know how to make good images, hire a professional.


Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s sales platform. There, people can advertise their products for free – including real estate. This is another way to guarantee a property sale on the internet.

The logic is similar to that of the classifieds. The seller includes information about the property, such as price, location and, of course, photos. The clearer the information, the better. It is possible to include a map with the exact location of the property and use Messenger to chat with interested parties.

2. Create a website and blog

Real estate agents and brokers need to improve their digital channels if they want to increase the sale of properties on the internet. The website has several functions in this strategy; one is to collect data from people interested in buying a house or apartment. This collection is done through leads.

One way to collect leads is by investing in content marketing. Thus, it is easier to attract readers to your channels and, through the sales funnel, help to attract customers. In addition, having qualified leads makes a broker’s job much simpler, as it provides valuable data about the public.

3. Improve the SEO of your sales channels

Many people still believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to keep repeating a term in a content so that, with a little luck, Google will show the page to the Internet user. This is not how it works, and if you want to increase the sale of real estate on the internet, you need to understand that.

SEO is a strategy for collecting data related to your target audience’s browsing behavior. This analysis does generate reports with terms that can be used for the correct construction of websites, blogs, videos, etc.

Thus, the correct application of these terms, within high-quality content, is what makes the visitor become a customer. SEO can be applied to any web content, being more common in texts. Therefore, it is interesting that this stage of your digital strategy is aligned with the rest of your actions on the web.

4. Create an appropriate service

Online communication makes everything seem urgent. Therefore, it is not interesting for someone who is willing to sell real estate to leave future buyers waiting in the communication channels.

The first tip is: only advertise the channels you are willing to talk to. It doesn’t matter if it is WhatsApp, Messenger, phone or other means: inform in the ad the channels through which people will, in fact, be able to chat with you.

If you’re in the real estate industry and can’t handle the high flow of messages, consider automating this process using bots. There are a number of business tools that can help you.

After the sale is closed, continue to answer and answer questions from your customers. This is essential for you to close new business in the future.

5. Invest in email marketing

A well-done e-mail flow can help with the sale of real estate on the Internet. To do this, you must create content that is aligned with the same sales strategies as your other digital channels.

E-mail marketing cannot be invasive, nor can it be sent to people who have no interest in your company – otherwise, the servers send it straight to the spam box. So, no buying email lists.

In addition, approaches must be friendly. The first email of the cycle should not focus directly on the sale, but introduce your company, talk about the real estate market, etc.

Selling real estate on the internet can only benefit from proper planning. When in doubt, hire a professional to help you – trying to do everything without assistance can make you unsuccessful in this endeavor, wasting the investment made.

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