8 ways to prepare the presentation of the property for sale

8 ways to prepare the presentation of the property for sale

In any real estate business, each moment is unique and deserves all the attention of the broker. Especially when presenting the property, which is decisive for the success – or failure – of a sale, every care is little and adopting some strategic attitudes is essential.

However, many owners and professionals are not sure how to do this. Do you identify with this situation? So, turn this game around and don’t neglect this very critical part of the negotiation: read here, 8 infallible ways to leave the property for sale ready to enchant!

1. Check the walls

The walls are very important for you to make a good presentation of the property and you cannot fail to verify that they are inadequate conditions to attract potentially interested parties. It is good to give a careful check, because in case of need, a simple painting can cost little and bring an excellent return.

When dirty or stained, they leave the environment dark and heavy. So make sure they are always clean. Talk to the person responsible for the house or apartment that will be presented and explain the need to arrange the cleaning of the walls. After all, selling is of interest to everyone involved, isn’t it?

2. Check the outside areas

Before presenting a house, check the condition of its exterior. These areas are being increasingly valued, especially when people are looking for more quality of life on a daily basis and greater contact with nature.

Yard, service area, small house and other outdoor spaces must be in order, since they are part of the whole that will be sold. So, make sure that there is no junk and debris scattered outside the house. If so, ask for them to be removed.

3. Keep everything clean

Showing a dirty property is paving the way for the devaluation of your work and of the good to be sold. In this way, try to activate who is taking care of the property: everything has to be clean at the time of the visit. Don’t forget: dirt plays a heavy role against any sales effort.

The final decision always ends up being left to the owner, but the ideal would be for him to count on the help of a cleaning professional or a specialized company to make everything shine. In this way, you can considerably increase the number of potential stakeholders in the unit in question.

4. Put the house in order

There is no point in leaving the walls without stains and the house shining if the owner and his family always leave a mess in the rooms that pass by. Whether it is a house or an apartment, the key is always to present the property in order, especially keeping personal items such as clothes, religious articles and materials from football clubs, for example.

This care allows the potential buyer to see the construction and structure better and not have his attention diverted by objects scattered in the environment. In addition, keeping everything organized is important, as a lot of confusion is often associated with poor management and low case.

5. Provide minor repairs

This attitude should be seen not as an expense, but as a real investment. Some repairs and adaptations do not cost much in the pocket, but they end up making a tremendous difference when it comes to attracting more buyers and even pricing the unit. A reliable handyman can be an excellent idea.

Dripping taps, broken glass, missing floors: these are some items that, when present in a property, make a bad impression. Therefore, make sure that these problems are corrected. With professional assistance, these points can be repaired, making the house or apartment much more presentable.

6. Light up the environments

The importance of good lighting is increasingly appreciated in the real estate market, as customers will visit the property with the intention of seeing every detail. Therefore, finding dark environments can be an obstacle for them. Under these conditions, who knows if he will return for a second visit? After all, there are so many other properties available…

Given this context, try not to risk your sale: see if all points of light are working well and provide stronger lamps for places that you think are dark. Also suggest that the person in charge of the site at the time of visitation open, as much as possible, doors, windows and skylights.

7. Eliminate odors

Before taking your client to see a property, make sure it does not have a bad smell. Taking this attitude is important, as houses and apartments closed for a long time may smell like mold.

Even if the eviction is recent – or has not yet happened – it is always possible that there is a clogged drain or other source of unpleasant odors.

Get around this difficulty: open the property in advance, ventilating it well. If possible, pour a disinfectant in sinks, drains and other points that usually emit odors.

8. Remove marks and traces

Used property may have marks and traces of former residents. Therefore, see if this is not the case for the property you are going to show, paying attention to the existence of:

  • stickers forgotten on doors or windows;
  • abandoned furniture or other objects;
  • leftover building materials.

If you notice any of these elements in the property to be shown, remove it. The cleaner the house or apartment is at the time of the visit, the better it looks and, consequently, the greater the chances of the sale happening.

The ideal is to create a kind of checklist to clean before visits, at least 24 hours in advance:

  • start by checking the walls and seeing if there are any new stains;
  • take a good look at the outside area, remove dead plants and dry leaves;
  • clean the internal area and, if necessary, call a professional for this;
  • fix the mess and remove unwanted objects from the view of the visitors;
  • at the time of the visit, turn on the lights, open doors, windows and skylights;
  • eliminate odors (if possible, walk with a scent in the car);
  • try to set up an open-house and even more for the presentation that day.

All of the 8 tips listed above are intended to assist you, the broker, in making a perfect property presentation. And, remember that, when showing properties still occupied, the ideal is to combine each visit correctly and explain to the residents the importance of the aspects covered in this post.

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