How to get Creci out and be a successful broker?

To become a broker, it is not enough to be interested, willing and willing to work in the business. As in any other profession, it is necessary to qualify and obtain the necessary training and certification for the job. As taking out Creci is mandatory to work in real estate brokerage, many professionals have doubts regarding the stages of certification.

  • What is CRECI?

In addition, a successful broker acts in several ways, for example: seeking properties that meet customer requests, mediating real estate transactions (buying, selling, renting) and managing residences, apartments, land and real estate launches with owners and builders.

To learn more about how to become a real estate agent and how to get Creci out, check out these tips:

The importance of Creci for the broker

To become a successful broker, it is necessary to develop relationship marketing skills, learn to identify the client’s profile, build a good network of contacts and use technology to your advantage. However, the practical aspect of the profession requires compliance with the requirements provided for in Federal Law No. 6,530 / 78, which regulates the activity.

Registration with Creci is essential for the broker to be able to carry out real estate transactions and act in the area. Inspection of compliance with this requirement is carried out by the Federal Council of Realtors (Cofeci), and penalties for non-qualified brokers can reach 10 times the amount charged for the registration fee.

In addition, registration with Creci guarantees market recognition and assures customers that the professional in question is duly qualified and able to provide his services as a real estate broker in various transactions.

How to take out Creci

To become a qualified broker, it is necessary to follow 3 steps:


The person interested in becoming a broker must hold the title of Technician in Real Estate Transactions or the diploma of Higher Degree in Real Estate Sciences or Real Estate Business Management, obtained through accredited educational institutions and authorized by the State Education Council, Board of Education or by the Ministry of Education.

Tip for this phase

You can take a Technical Course in Real Estate Transactions (TTI) online or in person. Before choosing between the two modalities, visit your state’s Creci website and check if there is any evaluation on the local courses.

Another important point is to seek a balance between two needs: finance and your personality. Some people seek distance learning because it is cheaper, the problem is that not everyone has the profile to study for this modality.

If you are easily distracted or do not have a suitable study location, consider face-to-face teaching. After all, you will need to pass the course in order to exercise the profession.

This requires clarifying a fact about distance TTI courses: they are not easier or inferior than the face-to-face courses. In general, the real estate market respects the courses offered online, as most schools have developed an adequate methodology. So, if you are thinking about how to get Creci out of studying little, believe me, this possibility does not exist.

How to do the internship

During the course, the student must be informed about the necessary requirements for his / her training, among them the internship (whose workload is an indispensable requirement for obtaining the diploma). The internship registration can be requested through the Creci website and filed with the agency closest to the applicant’s home.

Tip for this phase

Many brokers do not take this certification phase seriously, however, it is very important and should not be overlooked, as it is with the opportunity of the internship that the professional will be able to understand if, in fact, he wants to be a real estate broker.

As taking Creci is mandatory, many people interpret the requirements of the process as tedious and limiting steps, doing their tasks anyway. Not by chance, after graduating, many professionals show dissatisfaction with what they do.

So, take the internship as a test so that you can see yourself as a real estate broker. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity to make contacts and get tips from more experienced professionals.

In the real estate market, it is very important to develop a network of active contacts. Therefore, earn the trust of the employees of the condominiums (doormen, janitors, janitors, etc.), talk to influential people in the neighborhood in which you will want to work, but, above all, take advantage of your internship to make professional contacts with your professional colleagues.

In some cases, older brokers may be suspicious of the presence of an intern, but do not let relationship problems hinder this opportunity for professional growth.

How to get certified

With the diploma regularized by the State Department of Education in hand, the future real estate agent must request from Creci the registration of his definitive registration, which will be analyzed by a committee of the Council and granted within 30 days, when all requirements are met.

Tip for this phase

The documentation required to obtain certification is quite simple. So, if you have lost any of your documents, be sure to ask for a duplicate, because it is this process that normally takes – and you will not want to stop acting because of such a simple detail, right?

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Military Enlistment Card (men);
  • Birth or Marriage Certificate;
  • Proof of recent address stating the zip code;
  • Photo 3X4;
  • Certified copy of proof of completion of high school;
  • Simple copy of the National Registry of Foreigners (for foreigners).

Ideally, you should visit your state’s Regional Council of Brokers website to see if there are any other requirements.

The qualification process and how to get Creci out is simple and relatively quick, and following the steps correctly is the best way to get into the profession on the right foot. With the record in hand, it’s time to invest in your career by perfecting your talents.

One way to improve your performance as a realtor is to adjust your personal marketing. Incidentally, this tip can be followed when you are still a student. So, let’s prepare an article about the importance of personal marketing in a broker’s career.