How to sell property to young couples?

How to sell property to young couples?

The realtor needs to be aware of the differences that each consumer profile has. These distinctions require a different type of approach and a list of arguments suitable for that person. This is evident when selling real estate to young couples, for example.

Due to the economic crisis, many brokers believe that young people are choosing to live longer with their parents, in order to save. This idea is not entirely true. A report in the Folha de São Paulo newspaper shows that there are, in this age group, many people interested in acquiring housing.

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Properties for young couples: the challenge of buying

The first step in selling real estate to young couples is to be able to be didactic about real estate financing, as this will be the main fear of the young couple. Understand that generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000) is experiencing an economic moment totally different from that experienced by previous generations.

If, on the one hand, there is instability in the labor market, which affects even people with higher education, on the other, there is an important credit facility. Explore that positive detail.

In addition, this customer may be deeply suggested by bad news about the economy. The role of the broker, in this case, is to show that the financing is economically viable. Argue that Brazil has gone through more turbulent economic periods than this, such as the hyperinflation that eroded wages in the late twentieth century.

As the couple is starting their adult life, it is natural that they do not remember these periods, analyzing the situation from a contemporary point of view. This analysis can cause him to be paralyzed by the purchase. Therefore, offer information to your client, giving him the opportunity to see the purchase of a property as a possible achievement.

The fear of the definitive

This generation values ​​mobility. Therefore, show that, when buying a property, the couple will not be condemned to live in it forever. They will still be free to rent or sell the property if they want to move.

A survey by Zap Imóveis revealed that 35% of young singles prefer to rent than buy. Even though the married couple are living another moment of their lives, it is possible that they preserve this desire for freedom.

This feeling can be reversed with positive information about the city in which the property is located. Study the municipality’s socioeconomic data, expectations related to the local economy and even the construction of public or private works planned for the coming years.

Selling property to young couples is selling them the future. If the broker does not remind them that life is dynamic and that the city will continue to evolve, it is possible that this client would prefer to live in a city that he considers to be bigger or with more opportunities.

The property as an investment

Complementing the previous topic, explain to customers that buying a property is equivalent to investing. At the beginning of adulthood, this theme starts to become relevant, since there is a concern about the future. It is in this detail that sales opportunities live.

When comparing the many investment options, it is clear that buying a house, land or apartment is much safer and more advantageous than the other financial alternatives.

In addition, reinforce that the young couple will be able to rent the property or sell it, if they receive a good offer. Explain that the purchase will increase as the neighborhood modernizes. With each new work inaugurated, the property gains market value.

Another important point when selling real estate to young couples is to compare the value of the financing with that of the rent. In many cities, values ​​are similar. In others, depending on the location, the rent can be much more expensive.

In that sense, paying for something that will not belong to the person does not seem like a good idea. Argue that renting is recommended for residents who have no intention of living in that city, such as students who will return to their parent’s home after they have finished their studies.

Fear of not being able to pay tuition

This situation exists – and it frightens many customers. In this case, the broker can be didactic, giving personal finance tips to the couple, how to use the FGTS balance to make an entry in the purchase, sell the car, etc.

Not everyone is knowledgeable about personal finance. So, show them that it is possible to buy the property and keep payments on time, as long as the buyer always respects his budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of these customers


It is easy to find them, as they are on social networks. A well-done digital marketing campaign can impact them. Therefore, invest in a professional presence on social networks. When it comes to selling real estate to young couples, remember that this client can also find you on social media, so take a look at the image you transmit over the internet.

Are excited about the possibility of buying

These people have a life of work ahead of them and can make this financial commitment without any problems. This hope for the future and the desire to build something is an important capital, which must be explored when selling real estate to young couples. In this sense, be careful not to be pessimistic when talking to this type of client. Don’t scare them.


They are beginning their financial life and, therefore, have many doubts. The broker needs to be patient. In addition, enthusiasm can make them want to buy what they cannot afford, causing a default. The broker must be attentive and guide them.

If you are older, treat them the way you would treat your children. Advise them and maintain a friendly tone of voice. Now, if they’re an age similar to yours, show that you understand the fears they face, but that you can help them better understand the real estate market.

As we saw in this article, selling real estate to young couples requires attention on the part of the broker. You must be sensitive to understand the demands of this audience. When in doubt, opt for empathic behavior.

To sell real estate to young couples, the broker must act with a gentle attitude, without forcing the sale, as this type of behavior causes him to lose his credibility.

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