Inbound real estate marketing: what is it and how to use it to attract the ideal client?

Inbound real estate marketing: what is it and how to use it to attract the ideal client?

The technological revolution has completely changed the way people relate, changed trading methods and techniques, and profoundly impacted the business world. In the real estate market, numerous changes have emerged to improve the experiences of buyers and sellers of real estate. Inbound Marketing Real Estate is a consequence of the advancement of technology.

In this post, we will explain what Inbound Marketing Real Estate is and provide guidance on how to use this strategy to attract clients in the real estate sector, pointing out examples for a better understanding of this practice. You will also find the benefits from the strategy and understand the importance of planning to draw the attention of potential prospects.

Do you want a step by step to develop the strategy and start practicing Inbound Marketing Real Estate? So, read on!

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is a strategy aimed at developing customer relationships, which favors natural ways for establishing contact between companies and consumers, avoiding discomfort.

It aims to solve the problems of outbound marketing like Blue World City Islamabad, which draws people’s attention without analyzing whether advertising is being inconvenient, for example, in advertisements on YouTube videos. Inbound Marketing provides quality informative content so that the customer perceives problems and finds solutions.

What are the advantages of this strategy?

Inbound Marketing Real Estate is a set of techniques used to attract customers for services aimed at this segment. It changes the rules used in traditional marketing, in which specialized professionals go out in search of their customers, making them look for the most prominent companies. Here are the advantages of investing in this strategy:

  • access to data collected from the website that helps to know the profile of the clientele and create targeted campaigns;
  • increasing the reach of the brand disseminated through the Internet;
  • generation of qualified leads allowing the creation  of the sales funnel ;

With Inbound Marketing Imobiliário you provide useful information to the customer, open doors to initiate a dialogue and to discover how to retain customers. This proximity helps in the relationship and facilitates loyalty with small investments that are meaningless when compared to the cost of traditional techniques.

How to apply Inbound Marketing Real Estate?

Inbound Marketing Real Estate strategies have unique characteristics to facilitate the purchase and sale of real estate since negotiations involve high values ​​and not everyone buys another property during their lifetime.

Therefore, knowing how to apply the right strategies can define the success of brokers, real estate companies and financial companies that offer credit for financing. Observe our step-by-step to achieve good results!

1. Develop a strategy

If you want to be successful in your real estate career, you need to work with specific tactics. Start creating your own strategy defining your goals, that is, the intention is to increase website traffic, achieve customer loyalty or become a reference in the market.

Keep in mind that it will be essential to build a solid foundation with a website that is intuitive to navigate, with responsive design and direction for digital communication channels.

2. Practice Inbound Marketing Real Estate

The techniques used in Inbound Marketing Real Estate are effective and allow you to increase sales quickly. But in order to have a result, it is necessary to follow and practice the strategies on a daily basis, to build the image of authority, gain trust and keep in touch with customers.

It is not a single post that will bring the desired return, but the persistence and determination to follow that path.

3. Have a website or blog

The website is essential, without it there is no way to develop Inbound Marketing Real Estate. A company without a website does not transmit security and reliability to consumers, therefore, it is one of the main factors that determine the chances of consolidating the brand in the market.

You will need it to advertise properties and to disseminate interesting content that can be transmitted in the form of e-books, videos or written articles. Your page must be professional and complete so that the client is convinced that their needs will be met.

4. Build a buyer persona

After building a website with an attractive layout for desktop and mobile, and that is optimized for Google’s search engines, start defining your buyer persona. Think of your ideal customer. Make a record of who he is, what his problems are and what his pains are, and what media he uses to craft messages that have an effect.

5. Study about lead qualification

You may have a huge list of people who have already served, however, they never closed a purchase. The information recorded can be a differential to qualify leads and segment prospects, who in the future may become buyers.

Get to know these potential customers better to see if there is a possibility of new negotiations. With a more in-depth assessment, professionals are able to focus on real opportunities without wasting time in unproductive meetings, increasing the conversion rate.

6. Email marketing test

Correspondence must be targeted and personalized. There is no point in sending a newsletter without observing these two factors: personalization and segmentation.

An email marketing platform can help with lead capture and nutrition, reminding your customers that you are always available to them. To get an e-mail from potential customers, offer a free e-book with answers to consumer questions, for example.

7. Don’t use social networks without having a strategy

The presence on social networks cannot be interrupted, it must be strong and continuous. In these places, the articles published on the site are disseminated and questions answered, which in most cases are sent inbox or inserted in the comments. For these reasons, the use of social networks requires the application of an appropriate strategy, otherwise, they will not pay off.

Anyway, these are the considerations about Inbound Marketing Real Estate. Now you know what it is and how to use it to attract your ideal customer. Know that the segmentation strategy really gives results, however, it is necessary to have a good basis to achieve the objectives. Invest in these techniques and be sure of a promising future for your career in real estate.