Kitnet or loft: stay on top of features and differences

Kitnet or loft: stay on top of features and differences

The real estate market offers several possibilities for people who are looking for housing. Kitnets and lofts are very similar compact properties, but they are different in many ways. In order to negotiate the rent, purchase and sale values, it is important to know how to make this distinction to make sure you are renting or buying at a fair value.

In this content, we will explain what are the types of compact properties called kitnet or loft and what is the importance of understanding the differences between them. Here, we will show who these two modalities are most suitable for, their characteristics and in what aspects they differ. In addition, you will discover details about integrated spaces, structure, organization of environments, etc.

Do you want more information about kitnet or loft to find out which one is the best option? Move on!

Saiba what are the types of the compact estate called kitnet and loft

Compact properties are those that were planned with about 45 square meters, that is, they have little private space. They are highly sought after by single people or newlyweds, who do not require large apartments to have practicality and comfort. Among the best known are kitnets, flats and lofts.

Kitnets usually have a maximum of 50 square meters, a kitchen and a bathroom, separated by a partition or wall, and another bedroom and a living room. They are great for people who live at a fast pace in larger cities and have little time available. For this reason, they can be interesting for students or couples without children.

Lofts are unique properties that prioritize the use of space and usually also have an average of 50 square meters. They are very interesting because there are no walls inside, except the bathroom, which is separated from the larger piece. Every inch of it is used and a special decoration fills the atmosphere with charm.

Understand the differences between kitnet and loft

As you can see, these properties are more suitable for people who move from one place to another with the aim of studying, who like to live alone or are retired. Lofts are a trend that has emerged due to the recycling of old buildings that were commercial, but have failed to meet the needs of commerce.

They were created from warehouses, warehouses or warehouses located in industrial areas, which were transformed into residential ones. They can be larger than kitnets, their facilities are apparent and, sometimes, they have a double-height, because they are built in places that were used as stocks. Today, they are versatile, practical and give the impression of modernity.

Kitnets are quite popular, but their environments are separate. These properties have a bathroom, bedroom, living room and a small, integrated kitchen area, American style. The kitchen can be divided from the living room by a bench. Despite being small and less refined than lofts, they are increasingly valued for their affordable price.

Check the features or aspects of kitnets and lofts

Kitnets and lofts are unmistakable, given that they differ and different aspects. A kitnet is planned to be a residential space from the beginning, it does not originate from properties that were used for commerce and renovated to become a home. See, below, other factors that differentiate each modality!

Integrated spaces

The lofts have all integrated spaces, except the bathroom. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is not necessary to give up a certain area for the construction of walls.

It offers comfort and makes it possible to receive visitors. Kitnets, on the other hand, are designed for small areas and may have an integrated American living room and kitchen, but the bedroom is always separate.


The structure of the kitnets is quite simple and very similar to that of a common house because it has all the rooms, since it differs only by its size. The lofts, in turn, are privileged by large windows that allow the use of natural light and ventilation. In some cases, they have exposed bricks and in others, they add modern style.

The double-height can be more than five meters. A mezzanine can be built to make the area more useful. In the single space, you can easily see the kitchen on the ground floor, along with the living room and the bathroom. The divisions are made with the furniture, the hydraulic installations are apparent and the wall coverings can be rustic.

Organization of spaces

The spaces are organized in a different way. While the kitnets have their areas reduced, the lofts are similar, however, they are broader. Mezzanines are usually used to create the room. The focus of both modalities is comfort and practicality, as they are designed to optimize space.


Lofts have more modern styles and are very common in American films or series. Kitnets, on the other hand, can be created in various styles and decorated according to the taste of their owner. They are very popular and, almost always, follow the traditional models of houses in the region where they are located.


As we reported, kitnets and lofts tend to be, on average, up to 50 square meters. However, the lofts can be much larger and, in most constructions, exceed this length. They are quite different from conventional apartments, despite being composed of everything a person needs to live well.


Comfort is essential when choosing a property, no matter if you prefer a loft or a kitnet. When choosing your financing, look for an option that meets the number of residents, your personal preferences and your needs. After all, the two alternatives are comfortable and can provide satisfaction to residents.

Understand what you should consider making the right choice

To make the right choice, you need to reflect a little on your personal goals and what you need to feel happy in an environment. Consider that it is possible to obtain financing for both kitnet and loft, regardless of your decision. Before choosing, check the advantages and disadvantages of the neighborhood where the property is located.

Now, you already know the features and differences between kitnet or loft! Choose a reliable company to do the financing of their new home and get ready to become the owner of a property small but stylish. By conducting a brief survey, you are likely to discover CrediPronto, the best company for real estate financing.

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