Realtor Day: what to celebrate?

Realtor Day: what to celebrate?

On August 27, the day of the realtor is celebrated. Indispensable in any real estate negotiation, the broker seeks, through his intermediation, to protect and satisfy the interests of both those who sell and those who buy a property.

With such an important mission, nothing is fairer than honoring him. Therefore, on this Day of the Realtor, we will highlight the growth and challenges of the profession. Follow us!

Realtor Day: A Little History

According to a history of the profession available on the website of the Federal Council of Realtors (Cofeci), the first broker to work in Brazil was Pero Vaz de Caminha, more than 500 years ago.

Yes, the letter from the notary of the fleet of Pedro Álvares Cabral describing to the King of Portugal, Dom Manuel, the new discovered lands can be considered the historic kick of the profession.

In 1548, some villages were created around the churches used to catechize native peoples. This strategy was adopted because it was necessary to guarantee the safety of the people who lived there. In addition, the formation of communities was important to strengthen residents against invasions.

As the history of Brazil progressed, the real estate trade grew along with it. This means that this type of negotiation experienced a good moment in the sugar cane gold cycle. This was a period of great development for the villages, which began to take on the outlines of cities.

The gold economic cycle, years later, was very important for the real estate trade and the development of this economic activity. Proof of this are the mining towns of Ouro Preto and Tiradentes.

With these examples, we can understand how the circulation of wealth encouraged architecture and art, developing properties that were objects of desire of the local nobility and that today enchant tourists – in addition to the residents, who insist on living in a tourist city.

The first records of organized professional activity, specific to real estate brokerage, date back to the 18th century, when the arrival of the Portuguese royal family promoted the strong growth of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

During this period, many nobles began to live in the city, which caused properties to be expropriated or purchased, serving as housing for the members of the Portuguese court.

In the 20th century, during the Vargas government, the figure of José Floriano de Toledo – the first president of the Union of Realtors in São Paulo – was important. His work with brokers was essential for society at the time to recognize the professional value of real estate brokers.

The realtors had to wait until August 27, 1962 so that the profession should be regulated – and that is the date set aside to honor them.

Realtor’s Day: Challenges of the profession

Currently, the evolution of consumption habits requires that the real estate agent remains attentive to keep up with market trends. In recent years, new technologies have transformed the way people acquire goods, especially real estate.

The internet and the new tools available on the market today are indispensable for the work of the broker. Professionals who do not have a “digital presence” and do not exploit social networks for contact with customers, for example, have a significantly reduced chance of winning good deals.

At the same time, easy access to information requires that service is further improved. It is not enough for the broker to present the property and the conditions of the deal – that, the client already finds on the internet.

What he expects from the broker is a consulting service, a professional who presents solutions to his demands. This requires even more specialization, knowledge of the market and the ability to provide an effectively personalized and differentiated service. In this case, knowing how to identify the customer’s profile is essential.

The evolution of the market also requires the realtor to take the time to study and keep up to date. Not everyone is aware of it, but in order to be successful and be a good property salesman, you need to understand a little about economics, marketing, personal relationships, architecture and decoration. Those who do not dedicate themselves and do not study are left behind.

The good news is that the realtor can use the internet to improve his performance. There is a multitude of educational possibilities aimed at this professional. Even the technical course in Real Estate Transactions can be done on a distance basis.

As banal as that sounds, it is important to stress that a few decades ago people needed to travel to large cities just to get this certification.

Realtor Day: Women’s Participation

One of the characteristics of the evolution of the real estate profession is the accelerated growth of female participation in the market. They, which until 1958 were prohibited by law from acting in the profession, have occupied more and more space. Another reason for celebration on this day of the realtor.

According to data from Cofeci-Creci, between 2002 and 2013, the number of women brokers grew 144%, making up 32.7% of the qualified professionals in the country. And they are also making their mark in the management of entities representing the category, such as Secovis and CRECIS.

This is an important paradigm shift, as it shows the female capacity to achieve financial independence and professional success in a commercial activity so important for the economy.

Realtor Day: Dealing with the Crisis

As we know, the economic crisis was quite a challenge for brokerage professionals. However, complicated moments cause imperfections in the way of work to be noticed and corrected.

An example is the loopholes in the legislation that do not contribute to the abandonment of the purchase of real estate in the plant to fall. Currently, Brazil has no law to punish this type of withdrawal. In the Senate, the Termination Law, which intends to regularize this situation, is in progress. This is an example of how the real estate market took advantage of the recession to fight for improvements in its work processes.

As we have seen throughout this article, the profession of realtor is as old as our country. Therefore, it is natural that this career has shared the good and the bad moments in the history of society with its professionals.

On this Day of the Realtor, we wish that success and good business are present in the routine of all professionals in the area. Take advantage of this symbolic date and comment on the reasons that made you become a broker. We look forward to hearing from you!

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